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People left shaken after earthquake strikes England

Some English people were left shaken after a 3.3 magnitude earthquake was felt in southern parts of the UK on Tuesday morning.

Home videos shows dogs reacting with fear as the tremor is felt and the British Geological Survey (BGS) received reports that people felt like a “convoy of HGVs” driving past their house while others reported it feeling like a “large explosion” as their houses shook Sky News reported.

The BSG, which monitors seismic activity in and around the UK, tweeted:

“Our control room are currently experiencing a large number of calls due to an earthquake which was felt across the county. We have currently received no reports of any injuries or major structural damage.”

Meanwhile pictures shared on twitter show rubbish bins lying in streets, having fallen over in the trembling while others shared photos of pictures and decorations having fallen from walls and stands in their homes.

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