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Pieta House asks the public to look out for signs of suicide


With the days getting darker and instances of depression and suicide increased during the winter months,  people are being urged to look out for the signs of suicide.

Pieta House a suicide and self harm crisis centre is encouraging friends and colleagues to check in with someone they may be concerned about as it can be a matter of life or death.

A show to raise funds and awareness for the charity is taking place in the Olympia Theatre later.

Artists including the Chieftains and Picturehouse, will be playing at the gig in Dublin tonight.

Founder of Pieta House Joan Freeman, has said the people often miss the signs of depression in their loved ones. “It is colleagues and friends who might see changes far more than quickly than a family would. That’s why our campaign is ‘Mind your buddy.’ If you just spot the signs; sleep deprivation, isolation, giving away possessions, not seeing any future, and the final word is s for speaking the language of suicide.”

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