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Pope Francis says abortion is never OK and says it’s the same as hiring a hitman

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The head of Catholic Church, Pope Francis has recently come out hard against abortion stating that it’s never OK and that having an abortion equates to hiring a hitman.

Speaking at a Pro Life event, the Pontiff said that having an abortion is never acceptable and that all life is sacred, including fatal fetal abnormalities.

The Pontiff declared that an abortion is never the answer and that it should never be carried out even if the foetus is considered to be gravely ill or malformed.

He also stated that a human being was never incompatible with life and that support should be given by doctors and priests to the families of ill babies.

The Pope who previously described abortion as hiring a contract killer, said it was illicit to throw away a human life to resolve a problem.

The Pontiff also told the forum that he believes that babies should instead be given medical treatment whilst the womb, before stating parents should value those steps as helping to take care of their child helps them to grieve as they won’t only think of it as a loss but a step on a path taken together.

Although Pope Francis has said he denounces abortion, he did say that he has sympathy for women who had an abortion and it made it easier for them to be forgiven.

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