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Proposed incinerator at Poolbeg likely to get the go ahead


The proposed incinerator at Poolbeg in Dublin is believed to start construction within a matter of weeks.

Members of Dublin City Council had wrote to city councillors today strongly recommending that the controversial project should proceed as planned. According to sources, it is likely the other three Dublin local authorities will also make a similar recommendation.

Local authorities are due to be fully briefed in person on the proposal in the coming days.

Although many councillors are opposed to the incinerator, it is believed that they cannot veto the decision, as it is an executive decision for the heads of the four local authorities to make.

TD Eamon Ryan, has critized the news and in what he called poor planning. Mr Ryan said: “We’re going to be driving half the country’s waste through the city centre, through the narrow streets … then drive out again with the ashes, which we’ll dump somewhere else.”
“On a fundamental planning basis … [it] doesn’t make sense.”

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