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Raw sewage seen flowing down the Liffey


If there was any further proof required that Ireland’s sewer, piping, and water distribution systems are in terminal need of upgrading, such proof was spotted flowing down the Liffey yesterday afternoon, right past the city centre.

Sewage matter slowly spread around the water and toilet paper could be seen bobbing up and down downstream.

Mannix Flynn, a Dublin councillor, had no reservations about expressing his anger and disgust at the unsightly mess on display at his doorstep.

Mr. Mannix said that ‘many people were looking at it’, and that this sort of thing to happen in this day and age is ‘unnaceptable’.

He added that ‘the infrastructure is clearly failing.’

The Liffey’s interceptor sewers were installed as far back as 1906. Perhaps the Irish Water board of management should don boiler suits and hard hats and go down there for an inspection tour of such ancient relic.

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