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Recent study reveals one in ten still break driving laws


According to a recent study carried out by the electronic tolling service Easytrip, it has revealed that one-in-ten Irish motorists continue to use their mobile phones while driving.

The study has found that 63% of those observed using their phones at the wheel were men and 37% were women. It is also  understood that 53% of those found to be breaking the law in relation to phone use were texting or checking their phone and 48% were speaking on their hand-held phone whilst driving.

The research also found that people in their 40s and 50s were more likely to talk on their phone whilst driving, whilst younger drivers in their 20s and 30s were found to be more likely to text or check their mobiles at the wheel.

The study was conducted over the last two weeks in July in which it is believed that over 1,000 vehicles were monitored.

Under new rules which state that from the beginning of this month, people who are caught holding a mobile phone will recieve 3 penalty points on their licence instead of the previous rulling of 2 penalty points, along with a fixed-charge fine of €60 that could lead to a possible €2,000 fine on conviction.

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