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GardaTraffic catch man eating chips on the M50 hard shoulder


Members of GardaTraffic came across a rather unusual scenario this morning as they were doing their rounds.

Whilst monitoring traffic on the M50 motorway they spotted a car stopped in the hard shoulder. Members of the GardaTraffic went to investigate the vehicle upon their arrival they found the driver of the vehicle munching on a big bag of chips! Gardaí questioned the man as to what he was doing stopped on the hard shoulder, in which he replied “that he was having a snack”, Gardaí told the man that it was illegal to stop on the hard shoulder unless his vehicle was broken down.

Gardaí are reminding people that the hard shoulder is there for emergency reasons only and that anyone stopped in the lane for other non emergency reasons cause a serious danger to other road users. Gardaí have also said that anyone caught in the hard shoulder in a non emergency situation could run risk of receiving penalty points on their licence.

Gardaí have since tweeted a picture (above) to remind road users what the use of the hard shoulder on the motorway is for.

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