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“Robin Hood” hackers donate Bitcoin to top charities

A mysterious new ‘Robin Hood’ style group of hackers who claim to give their stolen money to charities have raised new questions about the legality and ethics of anonymous donation.

The ‘Darkside’ hacking group claim to have extorted millions from profitable, large companies using ransomware tactics according to the BBC. In a statement posted on the dark web, the group claimed they want to ‘make the world a better place’ and released two receipts showing Bitcoin transactions worth $10,000 to two major charities.

One recipient, Children International, says they will not be accepting the donation. The international non-profit helps deprived youth across the developing world. Meanwhile the other charity who have received a generous donation, The Water Project, have yet to comment. They work on providing safe drinking water across Africa.

Experts believe that Darkside are affiliated with other hacking groups, and their Robin Hood ideology has raised serious questions about anonymous donations on platforms such as ‘the Giving Block’.

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