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Robyn’s Life: An appeal to save a child’s life


Robyn Smith is just 10 years of age, and while most kids would be looking forward to a bright future ahead, she is facing a five percent survival rate.

For you see, Robyn suffers from recurring neuroblastoma, a highly aggressive form of cancer with a very poor prognosis.

Robyn was struck down by the disease when she was just three years of age. She complained of neck pain and began walking oddly. Her parents took her to hospital, where the stark reality of the child’s disease was revealed. The cancer was everywhere in her body.

The child underwent 10 gruelling chemotherapy sessions, a stem cell transplant, and radiotherapy. The cancer was in remission by 2009.

Unfortunately, the recurring nature of this insidious disease made Robyn sick again in 2013.

There is a ground-breaking vaccine trial in the US. This could be Robyn’s best hope of survival, as the vaccine would help Robyn’s immune system to fight the disease.

However, the treatment costs over €500,000. So far, the family have raised €200,000, leaving a shortfall of €300,000.

Robyn’s mother hopes to raise remaining money by the end of April, so if you would like to donate, please do so via

More details can be found at Robyn’s Life Facebook page.

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