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RSA advising motorists to be careful as Fog warning is issued


The Road Safety Authority have  issued a weather warning to motorists over dense fog expected tonight.

The RSA’s warning coincides with Met Éireann’s earlier warning  status of orange this afternoon, advising that visibility will be “greatly reduced” and will clear slowly on Wednesday. The weather warning will remain in effect until noon Wednesday. The RSA have also issued a reminder to motorists to use dipped headlights and fog lamps, to drive at a slower speed, and to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in front. They also advise opening windows slightly to increase awareness of sound in reduced visibility.

A spokesperson for the RSA said: “The added dangers posed by fog is that a collision involving one vehicle can quickly involve many others, especially if driving too fast and too close to one another,”. “The biggest risk is of a multiple-vehicle pile-up on roads with higher speeds such as motorways and dual carriageways.” The Road Safety authority also advised cyclist and pedestrians to avoid journeys if possible.

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