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IRA abuse scandals put Sinn Fein under pressure


Alleged IRA abuse victim Mairia Cahill met today with Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald, as the Irish government ponders the need of a cross-border inquiry into the allegations of sexual abuse by IRA members in the North.

The meeting took place at Leinster House, and was organized at Ms. Cahill’s request. The encounter takes place as background to the mounting pressure on Sinn Fein, and Gerry Adams in particular, to come clean about his full knowledge of the abuse and the alleged perpetrators.

Mr. Adams claims that a list containing names of alleged abusers was posted into his letter box at his house in West Belfast. This list has been passed on to the Gardai.

Mr. Adams met with Sinn Fein’s designated child protection officer Joe Reilly yesterday. It is understood Mr. Reilly is the person who handed the letter over to Gardai.

Senior Government sources have asked Mr. Adams whether he would volunteer to the gardai CCTV footage taken at his property.

Sources close to the Taoiseach have put pressure on Adams by saying that ‘his position is untenable if he says he doesn’t know the whereabouts of individuals moved by the IRA.’




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