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RTE – Ridiculous Television Everytime


With the absolute debacle that the so-called MEP election debate that occurred last night, RTE have finally thrown the baby out with the bath water.

They not only edited out Ronan Mullen’s verbal attack on their bias, they totally removed the show from the RTE player claiming “technical difficulties”.

Mullen’s thoughts were echoed immediately on TheLiberal.ie and surprisingly for once, many left wing publications.

We predominantly all pay our TV licence but for what? To pay the sycophantic Ryan Turbridy €12,000 a week? To pay Miriam O’Callaghan to whinge in her Americanised D4 accent? To pay for Eileen Dunne to read one-sided news that literally is a puppet for the government of the day? To pay Brendan O’connor €138,000 a year to interview RTE’s latest tv chef?

What utter rubbish. We may as well have the Chinese national broadcaster as our own. We’re totally and utterly sheltered from reality, painted one picture and seeing another, and done under the watchful eyes of some of the highest civil servants in the world.

You get the impression some RTE presenters feel the same. Brian Dobson is someone who tries to get off his lead with the odd hot & heavy interview. One feels that although his marriage to RTE is still intact, Gay Bryne is more suited to a right of centre, private sector capacity. And then the lone ranger breaks rank, Pat Kenny finally becomes a man at the age of 65 and leaves for the private  sector world.

RTE should rerun last nights debate, drawing lots to see who’s on where. That’d be the fair thing to do, but what’s fair in the land of RTE?

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