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Rumours of President Trump running for Office again in 2024 grow stronger

There’s growing rumours that President Donald Trump will once again run for Office in 2024 with more upcoming rallies planned for the 45th President to attend.

The Durham inquiry, which is investigating the criminal origins of the debunked Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy and last week’s indictment of primary source for the concocted Steele Dossier has led to panic in the Democratic Party.

Russian-born Igor Danchenko, was the primary source of the Steele Dossier, named after former British intelligence agent Robert Steele, which was a made-up document claiming Donald Trump was being black mailed by Vladamir Putin with footage of him with Russian prostitutes.

Now the Washington Times reports that Danchenko was not just repeating Kremlin rumors to Mr. Steele, but he had his own special source, Charles H. Dolan Jr., a public relations executive attached to Bill and Hillary Clinton. Mr. Dolan was a state director for Bill’s two presidential runs, a State Department political appointee, and an adviser to the Hillary campaign in 2016.

It is now thought that Danchenko may turn states witness to save himself from more serious jail time which no doubt is causing serious concern in the Clinton camp and the upper echelons of Democrat Party as well as the intelligence apparatus.

That is if he does meet with a fatal accident or commit suicide in his cell.

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