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Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary says Green Party ministers are ‘dunces’ over Dublin Airport passenger cap

Michael O’Leary, the CEO of Ryanair, has launched a new attack on Transport Minister Eamon Ryan, claiming that the airline’s expansion is being impeded by a passenger cap at Dublin Airport, reports Breaking News.

If Mr. Ryan and his Green Party colleague Catherine Martin, the Minister of Tourism, do nothing to lift the quota, Mr. O’Leary added, they are “dunces” and need to quit politics.

Ryanair stated that although it anticipates more traffic at Cork, Shannon, and Knock regional airports, it is unable to develop in Dublin due to a cap of 32 million people annually.

According to the corporation, the limitation restricts its goal of increasing Irish traffic by 50% by 2030, reports Breaking News.

At a news conference on Thursday, the airline’s CEO said that Mr. Ryan had fallen short of fulfilling the National Aviation Policy’s three main objectives: improving Ireland’s connectivity, encouraging aviation expansion, and maximising the industry’s contribution to national development.

One of the richest businesspeople in Ireland, Mr. O’Leary, posed for pictures with cutouts of the two ministers donning green dunce hats.

Prior to this, Mr Ryan said that the airline CEO’s remarks had became “personally abusive,” reports Breaking News.

When asked on Thursday if he thought the most recent media prank was harsh, Mr. O’Leary said that it was meant to be “humorous.”

He said: “I can’t imagine when I’ve ever been personally abusive. I’ve said he’s incompetent. I don’t think that’s personally abusive, it’s a statement of fact,” reports Breaking News.

“I think calling him a dunce is fair, but if he’s that thin-skinned or that upset by personal abuse, I have two suggestions: One, do something useful and lift the cap. Or two, maybe politics isn’t for you, if you can’t handle the occasional barb from some loudmouth like me,” reports Breaking News.

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