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Same sex marriage: Enda Kenny putting pressure on Catholics


Some years ago the then leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, David Trimble commented that Northern Ireland had been a “Cold House” for Catholics. Following Taoiseach Enda Kenny’s comments on Morning Ireland this week, the question can legitimately be asked whether the Republic is now to become a “Cold House” for Catholics, and indeed for people of any faith which doesn’t suit the Fine Gael/Labour agenda.

Kenny, who has so far not spoken about the referendum in detail, pointed out that in the event of a Yes vote, Catholic schools will be obliged to teach their pupils that a marriage between two men or two women is legal and acceptable.Mr Kenny and his Government are effectively saying that Catholic schools will NOT be entitled to pass on the faith regarding the rational sanctity of a traditional marriage in the way that it always has.

Immediately we have to assume that Muslim faith schools (while not specifically mentioned), which teach a faith which not only opposes same-sex marriage but actually opposes homosexuality, will also be obliged to teach their own muslim children that same-sex marriage is right.

What about Evangelical schools? They also take a very strong stand on  same-sex marriage; will they too be obliged to turn against their faith or face legal sanctions?
Kenny’s comments seem to suggest that this will be the only outcome.

There has been much talk so far in this referendum about how a positive outcome will not affect the position of the churches currently operating in Ireland. However, in this, the first comment of the campaign from the country’s most divisive leader in a generation, we have been categorically told that faith will take a second place to the new secular faith of political correctness.

In light of the targeted campaign against the Christian bakery Ashers in Northern Ireland and the way in which the law is being used to destroy their business purely because of their deeply held convictions, combined with this comment from the leader of the country, practising Catholic voters would be foolish not to demand clarity on this one of the most sensitive areas of Catholic life, Catholic education.

We have contacted the Taoiseach’s Office seeking a clarification on his remarks but so far we have had no reply.We think it is only fair that practicing Catholics who may at this stage, against all the odds consider voting for Fine Gael in the next election know whether or not the Republic of Ireland will, under a Fine Gael-led Government finally become a “Cold House” for Catholics.

The group “Mothers and Fathers Matter” have also asked for clarification, noting the grave implications for freedom of religion in the Taoiseach’s comments.Speaking on behalf of the group, Dr. Tom Finegan said: “We are very concerned at what Taoiseach Enda Kenny had to say today. He needs to immediately clarify whether or not he thinks Catholic and other religious schools should be forced to teach that people have a right to marry regardless of sexual orientation, if the referendum passes, and if so, will they then be allowed to say that the teaching of the Catholic Church is that marriage is by definition the union of one man and one woman”.

He concluded: “If Mr Kenny does not show that his Government respects the right of religious school to teach what is in accordance with their ethos, we will certainly be making an issue of this in the coming referendum campaign.”

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