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Scientists at Sligo IT make super-bug breakthrough


Scientists at Sligo IT have developed a new technology which is being hailed as a breakthrough against super-bugs.

Super-bugs like E-Coli and MRSA are predicted to kill millions of people over the coming decades.

The team of Scientists have found an agent that can be inserted into door handles and smartphones. It is non-toxic and not harmful.

It is said to be 99.9% effective, having a lethal killing rate and control the spread of bacteria.

Lead scientist Prof Suresh C Pillai, of Institute of Technology, Sligo’s Nanotechnology Research Group, said:

“The mobile phone is the most contaminated personal item that we can have. Bacteria grows on the phone and can live there for up to five months.

“As it is contaminated with proteins from saliva and from the hand, it’s fertile land for bacteria and has been shown to carry 30 times more bacteria than a toilet seat.”

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