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#1 Troika: A report recently uncovered reveals that the so-called ‘troika’ did threaten Ireland with bankruptcy if the bondholders were to be burned. This statement was apparently made during a high level teleconference meeting.

This telling revelation will likely only add fuel to the theory that Ireland was ‘bullied’ into accepting the ECB’s bailout program.

#2 Cronyism: Up to 30 Fine Gael members set to revolt against party leadership over claims of cronyism by the Taoiseach.

This comes in the wake of the John McNulty affair, in which Enda Kenny played a crucial role. Mr. Kenny first personally appointed Mr. McNulty to a state board to allegedly boost his credentials before an upcoming Seanad vote. Then, Mr. Kenny again personally chose Mr. McNulty to fill up a vacant Seanad seat, passing over three women who had been officially shortlisted for such role.

Up to 30 party members are now considering abstaining from an upcoming Seanad vote on foot of the cronyism allegations.

#3 Hong Kong: Violent clashes between police and protesters continue today in Hong Kong. Thousands of protesters were involved in scuffles with police units clad in riot gear, and tear gas was used to disperse the crowds.

People are protesting against the government in what they see is a denial of full democracy. The Government will allow public votes to be had but still insists on vetting the candidates.

#4 Volcano deaths: Up to 30 people are reported dead after a volcano in Japan erupted without warning.

The volcano at the summit of Mount Ontake erupted unexpectedly, catching about 250 hikers and residents of a nearby mountain lodge by surprise. Most of the people were able to escape to safety, but 30 of them have reportedly been killed by fumes and falling debris.

#5 Gardai: Arrest to be made in relation to the Margot Seery case.

Gardai are set to arrest a man in relation to the peculiar case of Margot Seery. Ms. Seery was found dead in an apartment in Terenure back in 1994. At the time, the examining coroner established the cause of death as asphyxia, and nobody else was sought in connection with the death as no foul play was suspected.

Earlier this year however, a man claimed to have killed Ms. Seery by strangulation. The claim was taken with skepticism as the man who made it is known to have a history of mental problems. Nevertheless, he was able to pinpoint the flat were Ms. Seery was found, and several other details were positively corroborated.

In light of this new information, Gardai sought permission to exhume Ms. Seery’s remains so that a postmortem examination could be performed. The mystery only deepened when the medical examiner revealed that most of the woman’s internal organs had been removed.

Gardai are now investigating the circumstances surrounding this event, and have confirmed that an arrest will soon be made.

#6 Clooney: George Clooney has finally been hitched this weekend. The  long term bachelor married human rights lawyer Amal Alamuddin in a private ceremony in Venice on Saturday.

#7 Weather: Fair and mild weather set to continue for another few days, though heavy rain is forecast to move in towards the end of the week.







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