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#1 Storm warning: Autumn swoops in with a vengeance, as gusts of wind up to 120 km and 40 mm of rain are expected nationwide this evening.

Met Eireann has issued an Orange wind warning and a Yellow rain warning. Exposed areas of the south and east coasts will bear the brunt of the weather onslaught.

Stormy conditions won’t last long, however, as winds and rains will ease throughout the night.

The coming week will bring unsettled weather with temperatures in the mid to low teens, with much cooler nights than recently.

#2 Alice Gross murder: The body of murder suspect Arnis Zalkalns has been removed from the wooded area where it was found.

Zalkalns had been convicted of murder in his native Latvia and had spent 7 years in jail for the killing of his then wife.

#3 Irish Water: Resistance against water charges is likely to increase after one citizen accuses Irish Water of ‘blackmailing’ him into handing over his PPS number to the company.

Michael O’Connor, who is a full-time carer for his wife Beverley due to her MS, claims that Irish Water is blackmailing him into revealing personal details.

Mr. O’Connor has been told that he’ll be charged more money and won’t get his free allowance if he doesn’t provide the company with confidential information.

Irish Water has been mired in controversy from the very moment it was setup, with claims of mismanagement of funds, exorbitant consultant fees, misinformation, and many other issues.

#4 Shopping extravaganza: Just like in the good old ‘boom’ times, shopping trips to New York are firmly back in the agenda for many.

According to leading US hoteliers, pre-Christmas bookings are up nearly 20% in comparison with this time last year.

Will we ever learn?

#5 ‘Bubble Man’ rescued: A peace activist attempting to ‘run’ from Florida to Bermuda in an inflatable bubble had to be rescued today.

Reza Baluchi embarked in his journey to ‘encourage world peace’, using a gigantic floating hamster wheel of sorts. He brought bottled water, energy bars, a GPS beacon, and a satellite phone along.

His endeavor came to an abrupt end today, however, when he was forced to activate his GPS beacon due to disorientation and exhaustion.

The US Coast Guard dispatched a vessel and a helicopter and brought the man to a nearby station, where his health status is being evaluated.

#6 MH370: The disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-370 continues to haunt many.

The aircraft went missing on March 08 this year, and despite intensive air and naval searches, not a single trace of the vanishing plane has yet been located.

A new phase in the search for the doomed flight will commence within weeks. Search vessel GO Phoenix will arrive at a designated area of the Indian Ocean and begin thorough underwater sonar sweeps to map out the deep waters in the hope of finding the wreckage.

#7 Ebola: First Ebola patient diagnosed in US soil, Thomas Eric Duncan, is in a critical state in hospital, medical authorities have said.

Up to 50 people who came in contact with him before and after he became ill are being closely monitored for signs of the disease, but so far nobody else has taken ill.

The hospital that Duncan first attended after feeling sick has come under fire for sending him home with antibiotics, despite him informing doctors of his symptoms and that he had recently returned from Liberia.

The current Ebola outbreak is the largest in history thus far. Over 3,000 people have died of the deadly disease.



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