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#1 Ebola: Thomas Eric Duncan, the first patient diagnosed with Ebola in the United States, has died.

Duncan passed away at 7:51am on Wednesday morning in Dallas, Texas.

Several people whom Duncan came into contact with since he fell ill are currently under observation.

#2 Arachnids: False widow spiders nesting in car’s outside mirrors and under bonnets.

It is spider mating season, and you may find an eight-legged surprise nesting in the mirror of your car anytime.

While venomous, their toxin is not too potent. However, some people may display strong reactions to it.

Dublin dad Eugene Murphy recently spent 24 hour in intensive care after being bitten 3 times by one of these arachnids.

#3 Ponzi scheme: Businessman Breifne O’Brien has been jailed for seven years on charges of theft and deception.

O’Brien ran a Ponzi scheme which caused his victims millions of euro in losses. He used some of the stolen money to pay for a new car and an extension to his house.

#4 Nuclear plant: The European Union has approved the construction of a new €20bn nuclear plant in Somerset, United Kingdom, about 240km from Ireland.

The Irish government has been accused of ‘turning a blind eye’ about the location of the new plant.

#5 Shannon airport: The Co. Clare airport is set to become Ryanair’s second largest base in Ireland.

The announcement comes in the wake of increased frequency in summer routes, starting in April 2015.

#6 Sexual assault: Young man admits to sexually assaulting two females in the University of Limerick campus.

Daniel Casey, 21, also admitted to assaulting two other women at different locations in Limerick city.

#7 Gardai: Woman admits to stealing €3,400 handbag from Brown Thomas.

Mother of two Sharon Marlow, 32, from Crumlin, Dublin, admitted the theft but said that she ‘wasn’t thinking straight.’

The judge handed down a 14-month suspended sentence.

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