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#1 House fire: 55-year-old disabled man, named locally as David Costigan, died in a house fire in Bray, Co. Wicklow, earlier this morning. His 20 year old son Mark was also in the house at the time and desperately tried to reach his father, but was beaten back by flames and smoke. He subsequently managed to escape the blaze uninjured.

Mr. Costigan, who was a wheelchair user, was said to have received threats in the days leading up to last night’s tragic incident. It is understood he had been falsely accused of taking part in a dispute in Bray town centre in the recent past. Gardai are investigating if there could be a connection between this and last night’s suspected arson attack.

This incident is particularly poignant, as today marks the seventh anniversary of the death of Bray firefighters Brian Murray (46), and Mark O’Shaughnessy (26), who perished while trying to extinguish a blaze at a disused factory at Adelaide Villas off the Dargle Road in the town.

#2 Islamic State: Crucial British MP vote on whether or not their country should take part in bombing raids against IS.  The debate in the chambers of the British Parliament is currently ongoing.

#3 Donation: 5000 euro have been donated to Bumbleance to replace medical equipment callously stolen from the back of one its vehicles during the Ploughing Championships.

A heartless thief took life-saving equipment from a Bumbleance mobile unit, but shopping giant LIDL stepped in to help out.

Ramona Keogh of the Saoirse Foundation said that they are “so appreciative” of LIDL’s generosity.”

#4 iPhone 6: New gadget from Apple finally went on sale in Ireland today, with retail outlets reporting “selling out.”

Despite some serious glitches since launch, the device appears to be selling well. Stores opened their doors earlier than normal today to accommodate demand for the gadgets.

Carphone Warehouse said sales were “very strong” and one in three units sold today were iPhone 6 Plus.

Fans of the iPhone appear not to have beeng put off by the pricing schemes for the latest model. If purchased outright, the iPhone 6 has price tag of €700 for a 16GB model while the larger iPhone 6 Plus costs upwards of €800 for a 16GB model.

#5 Conman jailed: A DJ named as Michael Stockman, 31, who took booking money off marrying couples, then cancelled on the day or shortly before alleging his father had died has been sent to jail for six months and ordered to pay 1,200 in compensation.

The conman’s modus operandi was similar in all cases. He would take booking money to play in weddings or birthday parties, then ring or text the person in the days leading up to the event, or on the day itself, either claiming his father had died or that some of his associates who would perform at the event had fallen ill.

Stockman was found guilty on 12 counts of fraud and theft. On passing sentence, District Judge Liam McNally said: “Mr Stockman is undoubtedly guilty of all the offences.”

#6 Asylum seekers: Petitions for asylum in the country have risen by 26% in the first half of the year.

591 people requested asylum in Ireland in the first six months of 2014. This compares to 1,000 requesting asylum in the whole of 2013.

#7 Limerick: Vandals destroy “Loch Ness Monster” display in the Co. Limerick village of Doon.

Members of the vintage club spent a lot of time and effort to make a “land” version of the Loch Ness monster,  complete with the dummy wearing a snorkel. Nessy was made from straw by the members of the Irish Rovers Vintage and Classic car club who fundraise every September for local charities with a vintage show and field day in Doon.

Some vandals took it upon themselves to thwart the kind efforts of these people and set out to waste their work. The entire thing was destroyed by vandals.

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