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Sex offender on the run in Ireland since Monday


A man serving a sentence for a number of sexual offences is currently on the run in Ireland. John Patrick Smith was convicted of committing gross indecency with or towards a child as well as a number of other offences, among them rape and aggravated assault armed with an offensive weapon.

The 29-year-old did not return to Magilligan Prison in Derry on Monday after an authorised home visit.


The offender is approximately 1.7m tall. He is described as being of fair complexion, medium build, with blue eyes and brown hair. Smyth has a scar on his upper back and left shoulder as well as sporting a number of tattoos, including one that says ‘YIRA’ on his lower right arm.

Prison Service officials are urging anyone with information or anyone who thinks that they may have spotted the man to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


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