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Shocking: New mother heartlessly dumps her newborn baby girl in a public bin as she feared she would lose her job


A woman in Brazil has been arrested after she heartlessly dumped her newborn baby girl in a public bin.

The shocking incident which has led to the arrest of the 25-year-old first time mother occurred in a residential part of Uberaba, south east Brazil.

According to reports in the Brazilian media, the mother who is believed to have given birth to her daughter in her bathroom, allegedly put the baby in the bin because she did not want to lose her new job.

Police investigating the incident say the baby girl who is now in stable condition in Triangulo Mineiro Federal University Clinical Hospital, is undergoing treatment in order to prevent infection.

It is reported that police were alerted to the incident after a number of local residents could hear the cries of baby from a distance.

Following a brief search the newborn was discovered in the bin with her umbilical cord still attached.

It is believed that the woman’s boss at a local car dealership alerted police to the woman’s whereabouts after he became suspicious upon hearing the baby was found abandoned.

Reports state that the man became suspicious after the woman mysteriously seemingly lost a substantial amount of weight overnight.

Upon the report to the police, officers conducted a follow up investigation and the woman who was a cleaner at the dealership was arrested.

Although she previously denied giving birth to the baby girl, the woman then decided to confess to officers after repeated questioning.

The new mother apparently told police that she decided to dump the baby because she feared that she would lose her job if her boss found out

She also claimed that she was in desperate need for job as she had no money.

Following the confession, police officers decided to conduct a technical search at the woman’s home in order to determine whether or not the baby was born there.

They also requested that the new mother undergo medical testing which would ultimately confirm the relation between the two.

It is also reported that the 25 year old could face lengthy prison sentence as prosecutors are looking to charge her with attempted infanticide.

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