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Slashed supports for Ukrainian new arrivals is just weeks away

Hotel rooms were being utilised to satisfy the “short-term accommodation needs” of individuals escaping the fighting, according to Minister for Integration Roderic O’Gorman, who made this revelation on RTÉ’s This Week programme in March 2022, mere weeks into the crisis in Ukraine, reports Breaking News.

In fact, “serviced accommodation,” which includes lodging in hotels and guesthouses, is still referred to as “short-term” in the weekly accommodation data for Ukraine released by the Department.

However, as of February 11th, 57,634 displaced Ukrainians were living in this kind of housing in Ireland, according to the same figures.

We are aware that for many people, short-term hotel stays have evolved into long-term options.

Since the plans were revealed, they have changed, peaking at 517 at the end of January, reports Breaking News.

Some media sources suggested that January 29th be the day of the introduction.

However, there is evidence that the number of displaced Ukrainians leaving these types of accommodations is rising. This might be due to a variety of factors, including the decision made by some to go abroad or return to their own country, move into promised housing, or find other sources of support.

On October 30, of last year, the number of people residing in “serviced accommodation” approached 60,000, reaching 59,488, reports Breaking News.

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