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‘Slender Man’ stabbing: Teen girls to be tried as adults


Two 13-year-old girls charged with stabbing their classmate 19 times to please a fictional character, Slender Man have lost their appeal to be tried in the juvenile court.

If tried in the juvenile court, the teenage girls would have faced a maximum 5 year sentence. Now that they are to be tried as adults, they could spend up to 65 years behind bars if convicted.

The teens are charged with attempted murder. In May 2014 they are believed to have lured a classmate to a park in the town of Waukesha, west of Milwaukee. They then allegedly stabbed the young girl 19 times. The victim has luckily survived and recovered from her injuries. She managed to crawl to a nearby road where she was discovered by a passing cyclist.

Prosecutors said that the attack was premeditated and the girls plotted for months to kill the girl to please the Slender Man. One of the girls told investigators she saw the fictional character in her dreams, and that they made a pact to carry out the stabbing to keep him from killing them and their families. Defence psychologists stated that the teens would be better placed in a juvenile institution to receive mental health treatment.

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