Slight decrease in unemployment figures

Slight decrease in unemployment figures


Latest figures released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) reveal that the unemployment rate fell by just 0.1% in December. It now stands at 10.6%.

The Live Register numbers for December show that there currently are 356,112 people unemployed, with a seasonally adjusted figure of 363,900.

When these figures are compared to those of November 2013, when the standardised unemployment rate was calculated at 10.7%, it represents a barely significant reduction.

In terms of gender, statistics show that a greater number of males (-2,500) left the live register in December than females (900).

The total live register figures encompass part-time workers and casual workers who are entitled to either Jobseeker’s Benefit or Allowance.

The number of long-term claimants stands at 164,796 people. This represents a decrease of 14,825 (-8.3%), while casual and part-time workers account for 20.3% – or 72,362 – of the total.

Irish nationals make up 83% of the live register (295,672). EU citizens account for 34,090 and UK nationals for 13,632. Other claimants accounted for 9,074 people.

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