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Specialist diver who failed to find Nicola Bulley’s body in lake gets removed from National Crime Agency’s expert list

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The National Crime Agency has reportedly had to remove a specialist diver, involved in the search for Nicola Bulley, from its list of experts.

Peter Faulding had said he would have found the missing mother if she had been to the River Wyre in Lancashire, where she was last seen walking her dog.

His Specialist Group International (SGI) joined the search for the 45-year-old woman, saying she “was not in that section of the river”, after three days of the search, reports The Mirror.

The group of private specialists, who have witnessed several high-profile investigations, spent two-and-a-half days scouting a 3-mile stretch of the river, using what Faulding described as “state-of-the-art” sonar technology, reports The Mirror.

However, they were unable to find her body, which was seen by walkers 23 days after her disappearance. Now law enforcement sources have confirmed that SGI has been suspended while a review is underway, reports The Times.

A spokesperson for the National Crime Agency said: “The database is subject to continual review and its purpose is to maintain a list of expertise UK law enforcement can draw upon when required. We proactively seek feedback from customers regarding experts’ performance and contribution,” reports The Mirror.

Nicola’s body was found last weekend following a sighting of people walking less than a mile downriver from where she was last seen with her cocker spaniel Willow. Unable to find her body, Mr Faulding explained his £55,000 sonar could only scan water and could not travel through reeds.

Mr Faulding said they searched where her body was found and did not see Nicola ‘on the days we searched’, reports The Mirror.

Since Nicola’s disappearance, police, social media sleuths and the media have received widespread criticism.

TikTok has threatened to take down users who spread misinformation about the mother-of-two after the app came under fire for allowing conspiracy theories to spread on its platform during research.

A mural in memory of Nicola has been painted in her hometown as the family prepares for her funeral, reports The Mirror.

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