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State funeral held for 1916 rebel Thomas Kent in Cork


A state funeral was held today for 1916 rebel Thomas Kent, 99 years after his death. The proceeding took place this afternoon in his home village of Castlelyons in Co.Cork. Thousands of people came out to pay their respects.Ā Kentā€™s remains were discovered in Cork Prison earlier this year and were proven to be his after DNA testing.

Thomas Kent was one of 16 men executed in the aftermath of the 1916 Rising and one of only two men to be executed outside of Dublin (Roger Casement being the other).

Kent was arrested on 2 May 1916 at his family home after a gun battle with members of the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC). He was executed aged 52 following court martial on 9 May.Ā His brother William was also tried but was acquitted.

Kent is oftenĀ referred to as the ā€˜forgotten patriotā€™. He and his brothers were among those planning to take part in the uprising who stayed at home. This is because Eoin MacNeill called off the RisingĀ on Easter Sunday 1916 following the arrest of Roger Casement.Ā The Rising went ahead the following day.Ā Kent’s remains were laid to restĀ alongside his brothers David, Richard and William.


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