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Sweden provided medical care to ISIS terrorist then allowed him to return to Syria

Image source: Fox

It has been revealed that an Islamic State terrorist travelled to Sweden to receive free medical treatment and was then allowed to return to Syria to continue fighting.

Khaled Shahadeh (28) is regarded as posing a serious threat to Sweden should the jihadi return to the Scandinavian country.

According to his father, Shahadeh, left Sweden to fight for the Islamic State but returned for medical care after being wounded in his shoulder.

In a statement defending the treatment the Chairman of the Medical Association’s Ethics and Responsibility Council said

“We provide care to the poor and the rich, we provide care to murderers who are in prison.”

He continued

“If it is so that you should punish people then other bodies in society may do so. Health care should not be part of the punishment apparatus,”

Swedish security services estimate that around 150 Islamic Muslims who left the country to fight for the Islamic State have returned so far.

Sweden has welcomed hundreds of thousands of Muslim migrants since 2015 and has experienced a spectacular rise in violent crime and anti-social behaviour. Sweden is now second only to Lesotho in terms of rapes and sexual assaults.

The country has a significant number of Jihadi’s living in it as well having suffered a terrorist attack with a radical Muslim drove a truck through a busy Stockholm street killing five people.

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