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Swedish teenager’s remains found in flat of migrant ex-boyfriend

Image source: Central European News

The Scandinavian nation of Sweden has seen a sharp uptick in violence, particularly against women and children and of a gang related nature, in recent years but the murder of a teenage girl in the town of Uddevalla has left the idyllic Nordic country in a state of shock.

17-year-old, Wilma Andersson, disappeared on November 14th, 2019 but police soon searched her last known whereabouts, the flat of her migrant boyfriend, a 23-year-old man named only as Tishko S and found traces of blood everywhere.

The teenage girl had gone to the Iraqi’s flat alone to collect some of her things, having ended he relationship with him. In their search police found the girls severed head wrapped in aluminium foil.

A friend of Andersson has described how her Middle Easter boyfriend was extremely controlling and dictated what she could wear and whom she could see.

The 23-year-old migrant still denies having murdered the girl even as his trial is set to begin next week, while authorities continue their as yet fruitless search for the body of the murdered teenage age Swede.

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