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Tánaiste receives backlash online after telling people not to share video of Cork attack

The Tánaiste, Simon Coveney has received sever criticism and backlash on Twitter after he commented on Saturday night’s stabbing attack on teenage boy in Carrigaline, Co Cork.

The deputy head of government tweeted:
“Shocking attack & people in Carrigaline are angered & disturbed by it. Our thoughts are with victim & his family. Public should not post info or images, it may impact on ability of Gardai or courts to get justice. If u have info please talk to Gardaí.”

The public is now being urged not to share the footage of the attack on the dubious grounds that it may jeopardise the ensuing trial. This comes after the public have been subject to weeks of the Irish media repeatedly showing the alleged murder of home invader George Floyd.

Some have suggested that the media’s obscure reporting on it and politicians seeking to stifle people sharing the footage is due to the nature of the attack which shows a black youth almost murdering a defenceless white teen which does not fit the narrative pushed by establishment media in Ireland.

One angered twitter user replied to Tánaiste Coveney saying:

“YOU have turned my country into a third world violent shit hole,,once you danced for joy on the killing of our most voiceless innocent,you will go down in history as the DESTROYERS of Ireland SHAME SHAME SHAME”

While another going by the moniker IrishVoice @IrishVoice1 tweeted:

“It was a racist attack on a white teen by black thugs. Share the video far and wide.”

A number videos have surfaced online in recent days showing black youths attacking white teen boys and girls and it appears that this violence may be inspired by the racial tensions and riots that have erupted in US cities as well as in London and others following the death of home invader George Floyd.

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