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Tanaiste ruffles feathers with “skin a cat” comment

She’s only a few months into her new job as leader of the Labour Party, but already it seems like Joan Burton can’t do anything right.

The latest group in Irish society that she has upset are the animal rights group Animal Rights Action Network (ARAN). They took severe offence at the Tanaiste’s comments in relation to the upcoming budget that there might be alternative ways to deal with the bank guarantee, which is approaching its sixth anniversary.

Commenting on how she proposes to improve the guarantee situation, Burton said: “There is more than one way to skin a cat, as they say. The sixth anniversary of the bank guarantee is coming up soon. Our strategy in year one will be different in year six.”

Cue ruffled feathers at ARAN whose spokesperson John Carmody has pointed out that cats are prime targets for animal cruelty in Ireland and the Labour Party Leader shouldn’t be drawing attention to the practice of skinning them by using this phrase – even if it is only in the context of a political speech.

Joan Burton will probably take the criticism on board, but seeing as the Dail returns today, her mind will probably be on other issues – like the budget itself.

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