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Taoiseach admits that hospital conditions are ‘unacceptable’

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In a candid assertion akin to describing the Titanic sinking as a ‘minor maritime mishap’, Enda Kenny has said that conditions in Irish hospitals are ‘not acceptable.’

The Taoiseach received some flak in the Dáil today due to the ever worsening crisis in Irish hospitals, which regularly see hundreds of patients left abandoned on trolleys for extended periods of time.

Parties in opposition voiced concerns raised by a doctor from Beaumont Hospital, who described conditions there as ‘healthcare Guantanamo” and a “centre for mediocrity and misery for patients”.

Fianna Fail leader Micheal Martin went as far as saying that patients are routinely treated with a “complete absence of dignity” in the health service.

The case of Gerry Feeney, who was found by family members in a soiled state in Beaumont Hospital, was mentioned.

Sinn Fein then went on the attack, and the fact that 520 people nationwide were on trolleys today was mentioned.

In a weak response, the Taoiseach said he ‘is looking at increasing the fair deal scheme’ and that he has opened 1,000 new beds across the country to deal with the issue of delayed discharges.

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