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Taoiseach: “I do not need extra security”


The Taoiseach Enda Kenny has recently revealed that he has declined an offer from the gardaí for extra security during the current water protests.

Enda Kenny made the announcement whilst he was addressing a Dáil committee who were are reportedly analyzing his department’s budget for this year. However Mr Kenny has said that if extra security is needed  around the President as suggested by gardaí, then it will be provided.

Mr Kenny told the Dail he feels he does not require extra security.
Mr Kenny said: “I haven’t actually, but I would say that the gardaí have sort of been interested in providing security,” he said. “But I’m the kind of person who’s out and about a lot and similar facilities that have been provided over the years have not been provided in this case. “I didn’t feel that they were necessary and I don’t feel that they are necessary now, either”.

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