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Ten most annoying things in the library


While some universities are just starting back after a well rested christmas break, the exam struggle is only just beginning for other colleges like DCU and DIT that have their eminent exams after the break. It may be time to hit the library again for many students after a long two week period of mulled wine and Home Alone marathons. Here are some things in the library that are bound to make you tear your hair out, if you haven’t done so already:

1: People talking and laughing: This goes without saying and without the intention of sounding like a complete kill joy. Sitting in a circle and giggling in the library is nuisance , just go to the student bar to catch up.

2: Eating loudly: some people really do not know how to eat with their mouths closed, and as for munching on Pringles or apples, it is inexcusable. Why not snack on foods like yogurt or something less irritating.

3: Earphones on full: There are volume levels on Ipods for a reason, no one cares who the real slim shady is when they have a 50% essay overdue.

4: Couples and PDA’s: The phrase ‘get a room’ couldn’t be more relevant. Despite the romantic scenarios that may be depicted in American films, there’s nothing romantic about people groping each other under the desk in front of you.

5: Overly strict librarians: While this may seem like a paradox in regards to the previous nuances in the list. There is a boundary where to draw the line. And the fact will always remain that some people just love to enforce their power wherever possible. Believe it or believe it not, I once got literally yelled at for taking a drink from a bottle of water.

6: The messy eater: Back to the issue of library snacking, a desk littered with cuisine de france crumbs is nothing less that off putting. And they also pose the unappealing threat of sticking to your laptop.

7: Compulsive borrowers: When leaving an assignment last minute, there isn’s a hope that any relevant reading material will be left in loans. The most disheartening element is that you know that the library book is growing cobwebs somewhere on a desk in student accommodation.

8: The note writer: A trend that arose in primary schools, it is still prominent in university. And the notes are generally no more topical than ‘<3 you’, which in turn leads to awkward hand scribbled interactions.

9: Facebook: Facebook can become your arch enemy during exam time. Anything online is more appealing that course work, and there is no escaping the addiction when all you have to do is change the tab.

10: Other classmates: Of course nothing will make you feel worse then the inevitable encounter with other classmates. An opportunity to compare yourself and doubt all of the work you have put in so far. No doubt you will encounter “ah sure, that essay, I finished that two weeks ago” or the deceitful, “na I haven’t done a tap for this exam”.

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