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Films to look out for: Spring 2014


2013 saw the release of some highly acclaimed block buster releases. We witnessed the revival of comedy classics like kick-ass and anchorman and the return of beloved casts like the Fast and Furious team. The classic cult horror ‘Carrie’ was relived in a horror remake, and the great american novel ‘The Great Gatsby’ was brought to life. Some films even managed to make the deadline just in time for the Golden Globes like ’12 years a slave’ that won the golden globe for the best feature length film (drama) and also ‘American Hustle’ that scooped up an astounding three golden globes.

Movie buffs will be delighted to hear however that 2014 also has an impressive selection of feature films scheduled for release. Here are a few to anticipate and keep you occupied before the summer.

Monuments men– This film is arguably based on one of the most famous treasure hunts ever. A group of WWII platoons are assigned to delve into Natzi Germany and retrieve a stolen art masterpiece. The all star cast includes George Clooney and Matt Damon.

Inside Lewyn Davis– Oscar Isaac attempts to break into the Greenwich Village folk scene in the 1960s.

Winter tale– A Burglar (Colin Farrell) sets out to bring heiress Jessica Brown Findlay back to life when he discovers that he has the gift of reincarnation.

The Book thief – Set in WWII German, Sophie Nélisse provides comfort to other war victims by stealing books and passing them on to others.

Robo-cop– The 1980’s sci-fi classic is returning to cinemas next month. This begs the question as to whether a remake is necessary or whether modern graphics will improve the cinematic enjoyment of the flick.

Non-stop– Liam Neeson is back in top taken form as the air marshal who must restore order to a flight in air, co-staring Julianna Moore.

Grace of Monaco– Nicole Kidman plays the former Hollywood star Grace Kelly coming to terms with the political dispute between Monaco and France in the 1960’s.

The other woman– Cameron Diaz and Leslie mann star in this dark comedy. When two woman discover they have unknowingly become entangled in a love triangle, they begin to plot a revenge murder.

Noah– A modern revamp of the biblical tale starring Emma Watson and Russel Crowe.

Calvary– Brendan Gleeson stars as a priest who receives a murder threat in a confession box and has one week to discover the identity of the would be assassin.

Comic fanatics can also look forward to ‘Captain America: the winter soldier’ and ‘The amazing spiderman 2’ that are both coming to Irish cinema in the next few months while within a similar Genre, ‘300’ is also returning with the sequel ‘Rise of an Empire’.

While Leonardo DiCaprio may have already received the Golden Globe for best actor (in a comedy/musical), ‘Wolf of wall street’ is based on the true story of stockbroker Jordan Belfort. It has yet to reach Irish Cinemas however. The film premiers in Ireland this weekend, and bookings are recommended in advance due to the expected popularity of DiCaprios latest blockbuster.

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