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The Best Sports For Betting Ireland And How To Pick The Best Option

The question of choosing the best sport for betting is similar to the search for “the most profitable tactics.” To decide which sport is the best for betting Ireland, you need to consider many factors characterizing both different sports disciplines and the bettor’s skills.

Which Sport To Choose

There are lots of opinions on the best sports for betting Ireland. To make your decision, highlight some crucial factors.

It’s accepted to divide sports depending on the number of participants in a sporting confrontation and their popularity among fans. According to the first criterion, disciplines are:

  • Team (football, hockey, etc.);
  • Individual (e.g. tennis).

Individual sports are easier for pre-match analysis, but there is another side to the coin. There is a danger of refusing or avoiding a fight due to injury or other reasons arising during the match. Losing money bet on an athlete due to an accidental injury is too big a risk.

Bookies offer to bet on the leading European football championships (APL, La Liga, and Serie A) and championships of exotic countries. Popular competitions are distinguished by the following:

  • Low margin (it’s about 1-2%);
  • A wide range of outcomes;
  • Large maximums.

All the mentioned characteristics are opposite for more exotic sports events. For example, the margin can exceed 10%.

Many experts believe that in exotic championships, an ordinary bettor has a good chance to win over the bookie. After all, the company doesn’t pay due attention to less popular competitions, so here you can surpass the bookmaker’s analysts in the quality of analysis.

However, betting on exotic sports requires serious effort to find useful information. Secondly, the increased margin imposes almost impossible requirements to overcome the break-even point.

Peculiarities Of Betting On Different Sports

When choosing the best sport for betting Ireland, it’s necessary to consider the extent to which the outcome of the event is influenced by random factors and where the score is more often ruled by regularity (the ranking of opponents). One can meet the opinion that team sports with a large number of points (for example, basketball) or games (volleyball) are suitable for this purpose.


Statistics show that about 40% of all bets are on football. And in those years, when the world or European championships are held, this figure increases. It’s the favorite game of the majority of bettors, where huge money is spent, bookies set the highest limits, and surprise with the variety of offers in the list.

Football is simultaneously called the most predictable sport and unpredictable, where outsiders often beat favorites. Probably both points of view are true at some point. Each player, having entered the world of sports betting Ireland and gained experience, will decide this question for himself.


Fans of this sport highlight its advantages:

  • Competitions are held practically all year round (with a small pause at the end of the year).
  • Good information support (broadcasts, statistics, media attention). The rivalry between Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic, which lasts for many years (at the same time, new young stars are born), attracts the attention of tennis fans.
  • The bettor can follow the career, form, and features of the tennis players to effectively analyze the matches.

Betting fans, predicting the outcome of the match, take into account in the analysis not only the rating of the player, the parameters of the game (tournament level, coverage, etc.), the current form but also the psychological component.


Betting on hockey has its fans. The main leagues are the NHL and KHL, plus international tournaments, where you can find favorable odds. The advantages of the leading leagues include a tight calendar, which allows for a more effective assessment of the current form of the teams, a large amount of information, and a wide range of matches.


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