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The curious case of the waving undead


We’ve all seen them in the movies, right? Hordes of undead milling about, looking for brains, and generally making a nuisance out of their own reanimated misery.

Cue to present day Ashford, Kent, in the UK. Residents there experienced a real-life waving-corpse event, when walkers going past a graveyard attached to St. Mary’s Church spotted what appeared to be a dead body covered in a shroud among the graves.

The sight looked slightly odd so people went over to check it out, and as they approached, the shroud began moving and an arm appeared under it, sending people shrieking away in a panic as they thought the dead would soon walk the Earth. The apparently not-so-deceased creature then began waving at the fleeing crowd, as people failed to realize it was just a rough sleeper taking an ill-advised nap among the dead.

It is understood the man remained in the grounds for a bit longer, until rain drove him away.

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