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The High Court will hear Enoch Burke’s disciplinary case next week

The full trial of the ongoing dispute over the disciplinary proceedings between Enoch Burke and Wilson Hospital School will proceed before the High Court next week.

The case begins next Tuesday, with Judge Alexander Owens adjudicating and the hearing is expected to last four days, reports RTE.

Mr Burke was suspended from Co Westmeath Secondary School last year and has been the subject of a High Court injunction imposed pending the outcome of a full hearing into the dispute over his failure to meet the terms of his suspension. he asked him to stay away from school when he was on administrative leave.

His continued refusal to obey those orders led to his being tried for contempt of court and jailed for 108 days.

He has continued to defy the restraining order since his release from prison and has been fined 700 euros a day, reports RTE.

That fine now exceeds 30,000 euros.

In a counterclaim they argue that the disciplinary proceedings against them should be canceled and that it violates their constitutional rights, including the right to freedom of expression of their religious beliefs.

Given his unblemished track record as a teacher, he says he should never have been suspended from his job teaching German and History, reports RTE.

The school declares that it is fully authorized to take disciplinary action against the teacher and denies any wrongdoing.

Mr. Burke, who participated in the call via video link, wanted to know which witnesses the school would be calling during the proceedings.

However, the court ruled that witness matters would fall within the jurisdiction of the court seised,

Earlier this month Mr Burke, his parents and three of his brothers were dismissed from the Court of Appeal amid chaotic scenes as they waited for the High Court to dismiss their appeal against an injunction imposed on them, reports RTE.

Following the COA’s decision, Mr Burke wrote to that court asking it to reverse its findings.

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