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The Irish Gambling Scene: An Overview of Its Size and Scope

The global internet gaming market is expanding. It has become widespread in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, and Wales) and the United States, as it continues to legalise it in more states. Similarly, Ireland is also among the countries that are embracing the internet gambling culture more than ever before.

People are increasingly looking for reliable, properly licensed and regulated casinos on sites like, which are full of reliable reviews of games and frequently list the best online casino in Ireland. These casino sites provide numerous games, appealing bonuses and a very smooth user experience.

Let’s get in right away and find out why gambling at online casinos is becoming increasingly popular in Ireland.

The gambling regulations in Ireland

Land-based gambling in casinos is explicitly banned in Ireland. The public is not allowed to use any physical land-based institutions in Ireland due to the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act.

Nevertheless, this is a gambling-obsessed country. As a result, gaming operators in the country have discovered a loophole via member clubs. This implies they can provide casino services as members of private clubs, which the government technically permits.

As a result, 14 ‘clubs’ currently operate in this manner throughout Ireland. These establishments can be found in Dublin, Cork and County Limerick.

Although these typically operate on a small scale, visitors can enjoy activities such as poker, sports betting, blackjack, roulette and various other chance-based games. Although these are not marked as illegal, they must comply with the gambling rules established by the Irish Revenue Commissioners to continue operating.

To function, they must receive the necessary licences for all casino and gambling games, notably poker games and slot machines. To gamble at any of these clubs, you must be over the age of 18 (the legal gambling age) and register as a member of the club.

A peek into today’s Irish gambling industry along with the Irish online casino

The world of Irish online casino is still in its early stages. This makes it difficult to predict what the Irish gaming industry will look like. Like many other countries, they are taking steps to combat rogue gambling sites and prevent fraud.

The legislation governing internet casinos and gambling is still being implemented. The Irish government has assumed responsibility for modernising the country’s gambling legislation, which might result in a significant overhaul.

The outcome of these reforms is unknown. However, a recent survey found that nearly half of Ireland’s population participates in some form of gambling.

This has brought much attention to the current 1856 Gaming and Lotteries Act and its subsequent revisions.

The future of gambling industry in Ireland

Though gambling has always been a popular hobby in Ireland, the country is beginning to embrace it even more. Bringing regulations up to date should provide Irish punters with easy access to gaming establishments without the requirement to join clubs.

Hopefully, the future will see more direct access to regulated, legal, and safe Irish online casino platforms with trusted payment options like Skrill and Paypal, as well as a more welcoming perspective of gambling – something that more than half of the country likes doing in their spare time.


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