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How To Interact With A Live Casino Dealer

Live casino games are a whole lot of fun, though players might feel puzzled on how to interact with the dealer at first. If this applies to you, reading this article could prove to be of good use to you!

What Is a Live Casino Chat?

Live casino chat adds a layer of human interaction to the often impersonal experience of online gaming. In live casino games, provided by well known brands such as LeoVegas, there are live dealers with whom you can communicate using a dedicated chatbox. The dealers then provide a verbal response, which all of the players are able to hear. You even have the opportunity to communicate with the other players at the table

Basic Live Dealer Games Etiquette

It is not at all difficult to learn  the proper etiquette for a live casino chat. The following are some helpful hints:

Say Hello To The Dealer

When you join a table, the dealer will usually welcome you by your username.  It could be considered rude not to react to someone’s greeting with one of your own. In the event that you are not the talkative kind, it is quite OK for you to maintain your silence throughout, but it would be appreciated to  give a simple “hello” at the beginning.

Know The Rules Before Playing

If you sit down at a table without first  knowing the rules of the game you’re participating in, the dealer will be pleased to fill you in on the finer points of the game, but it could delay the round. The pressure is on for the dealers to maintain their timetable, while the players might not be happy  to wait and would rather participate in the game right away. It is strongly suggested that, if you are a new player, you first do some research on the game’s rules and then try your hand at a few practice games via the demo version.

Don’t Blame The Dealer For Your Losses

As long as you choose a reputable casino, the dealer will act fairly with each of the game’s participants. Because they have no influence on the cards you are dealt or the outcome of the game, it is irrational to direct your fury towards them in an attempt to win. Bear in mind that engaging in behaviour like this might possibly result in you being banned from the site.

Don’t Tell The Dealers How To Do Their Job

The dealers are skilled specialists who have undergone extensive training; thus, the manner in which they deal cards and the pace at which they spin the roulette balls are optimised for the vast majority of players. Do not insist that they quicken or slow down in accordance with your preferences, as this would come off as quite selfish of you. They are not able to since they are required to follow certain procedures.

Don’t Discuss Sensitive Subjects

Politics – such as talk about how Alan Kelly is set to resign as Labour party leader, religion, and other topics of a similar kind should be avoided at all costs at the gaming table, since remarks on these topics are likely to make both the dealer and the other players uncomfortable. A last reminder: the live chat is being monitored, so please refrain from making any threats or saying anything else that might get you in legal trouble. When you say anything that is not acceptable, you will be given a warning.


Enjoy the experience

While interacting with a live dealer can be intimidating at first, you’ll soon notice the dynamic is friendly and engaging. The goal of all participants is to have a great experience at the table. With the variety of live tables and dealers available, there’s a table for everyone, whether you’re into more active live chats or like to focus on the game itself.


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