The name's Reviews, Bad Reviews - James Bond's "Spectre" film fails to shine with critics and cinema goers

The name’s Reviews, Bad Reviews – James Bond’s “Spectre” film fails to shine with critics and cinema goers


Don’t worry, we won’t give away any of the plot if you haven’t seen it!

The most famous and ironically best known secret agent in the world, James Bond, made his way back to the cinema this last week. Many critics and cinema goers alike aren’t exactly best pleased with the “new look” 007 however.

After the mammoth success of “Skyfall”, fans around the world could barely contain their excitement at the screening of the newest member of the franchise, but critics have called the film “the worst James Bond in years”, one even claimed it’s the “worst James Bond film full stop”.

Fans too are complaining that Bond has become too soft and the lack of gadgets and decent story for the “bad guys” is making it a far lesser attraction than in the MI6’s last outing.

The ironic thing is, “Skyfall” was said by most critics and fans alike to actually be in the top three Bond films, with many claiming it to be in first place!

Daniel Craig has said that this will be his last outing as Bond, “unless they throw a lot of money at me”… watch this space in 2018!

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