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The Post Christmas Detox


Every year we witness the same eating cycle before and after Christmas. It wouldn’t be Christmas without turkey and stuffing, copious amounts of alcohol and it is the one time of year other than Easter where it is perfectly acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast.  It is only a matter of time before the elusive purple one is missing from the colossal tub of Quality Street, so the eating frenzy begins. Even if you aren’t in a hungry mood, it just wouldn’t be right not to seize the moment in true Christmas spirit and eat at every given opportunity before you are fit to burst.

However the gluttony is inevitably short lived, it isn’t long before household Doritos and Pringles are replaced by low fat condiments and anguish at the fact that the smashing outfit you picked for new years is now two sizes too small. Even worse is the fact that it is now out of the heart of winter and sooner rather than later the days will become longer, holiday season will arrive and it’s now time to start preparing to somehow pull off a bikini body this year.

So it may be time to start hitting the gym even if it is just to banish the excess trimmings that have been acquired over Christmas. Here are some quick detox tips for burning off excess fat and cleansing your system after this year’s Christmas binge.

  1. Complex carbohydrates: Not that it is my intention to sound like an eccentric cali beach dieter; however it is a fact that consuming  too much white carbohydrates with only limited exercise will result in an excessive build-up of adipose tissue or outer fat cells. From stuffing to roast potatoes to turkey sandwiches the next day, this is a definite issue with Christmas feasting. While you still need carbohydrates for energy, it could be a good idea to switch to whole meal rice, bread and pasta and also half the portions. With a good workout routine, you are better to indulge in protein for energy as the protein will transform into muscle when you exercise.
  2. Don’t exercise too much: Contrary to popular believe, you are actually better off to keep your work outs short and sweet. It is more beneficial to stick to a 45 minute workout routine for a short but intense period. This is due to the fact that after 45 minutes our bodies adjust to the exercise and we not only stop losing weight but it can also lead to a negative nitrogen balance in the body. From there on Protein is converted to glucose and also the potential growth of muscle is cancelled out.
  3. Super foods: While there are a variety of detox methods from fruit diets to juice diets. One of the main aims of a detox diet can be to cause the live to drive toxins from the body. Certain super foods like vitamin C produce the liver compound glutathione that does this. It is also important to take certain herbs such as dandelion root, burdock and milk thistle to protect the liver. One other simple super food/drink that is full of antioxidants is green tea. By simply switching from normal tea/coffee to green tea, you are introducing a variety of antioxidants to the body. You are also limiting out a lot of calories.
  4. Lemon water: However it also goes without saying that when trying to detox, you are recommended to also ensure you intake a significant amount of water. But by following one other simple step and squeezing fresh lemon into your water you are also in taking a plethora of extra anti-oxidants. Lemon water can also fight infections, keep your skin healthy/clean and lemon water is an excellent source of potassium for heart and brain functioning.
  5. Sweat it out: This is one step that people will be surprised and relieved to hear. Simple relaxation methods like using a sauna and also a footbath have been recommended for detoxing your system. This eliminates toxins through your pores and you can even purchase special brushes from natural product stores to speed up this process.

So from significant dietary changes and short intense workouts to incredibly simple steps such as using the sauna and drinking green tea, there is a variety of simple changes you can make to overcome this year’s post Christmas slump.

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