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The strange case of Michael Healy-Rae and…The Teletubbies


No-nonsense, flat-cap wearing, and bovine connoiseur Irish politician Michael Healy-Rae usually pervades the airwaves with his unmistakable presence, accent, and charisma.

Unlike his sibling Danny, who recently stated he believes God is in charge of the weather rather than global warming among other issues, Michael is the most down to earth of the popular political combo.

Still, no stranger to strange situations himself, Michael found himself confronted by two lovable rogues while appearing on TV3’s Ireland AM this morning. None other than the Teletubbies poured all of their floppy charm on Mr.Rae on stage.

Mr. Rae, the poster child for parish pump politics, may now put a motion forward in the Dáil seeking guarantees that all of the Kingdom’s children enjoy a personalized show by the Teletubbies on their birthdays, though this point has not yet been confirmed.

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