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“This is why people are concerned about unvetted men” – Anger as Mansoor Uddin back on the streets after sexually abusing three Irish women #IrelandisFull

Image source: RTE

People aren’t happy with a foreign national who is walking the streets of Dublin after sexually abusing defenceless Irish woman when he was a taxi driver.

Social media users are saying that this is a prime example of why concerned people are protesting against unvetted migrants flooding into the country.

A taxi driver, originally not from Ireland, who sexually abused three women was released from prison after just three years.

The Irish Mirror has learned that sex beast Mansoor Uddin was released from prison in late January.

Uddin, 44, was sentenced to five years in prison in 2019 and remanded in Dublin’s Arbor Hill Jail.

Sources say Uddin was busy serving and teaching behind bars and did not get into trouble while serving his sentence and received a standard waiver of a third of his sentence.

Sources say Uddin, who has had his taxi license revoked, now lives in the Dublin area.

The pervert made headlines and national outrage amid fears he would still be allowed to drive his cab, under bail terms that said he might if he didn’t have female passengers in the front seat.

However, Gardai later clarified that this was not the case and Uddin could no longer drive his own cab, reports The Mirror.

The Mirror reports that the married father of three sexually assaulted two of the women in the same night after he asked one of them to get out of his taxi when she saw her trying to get a picture of her ID, the court listened this week.

According to the Mirror, an 18-year-old victim had also called a friend in the vehicle, giving her Uddin’s name and part of his taxi number. She tried to take a picture of Uddin but he stopped her.

Sergeant Aoife Cronin told prosecutor Sinead McMullan BL that Gardai used CCTV footage, a database of registered public service vehicles and a computer-generated likeness of the first victim to identify Uddin.

As part of the Garda investigation, the officers also used the GPS coordinates from the HALO app, which confirmed that Uddin had travelled the three routes that the women had indicated to Gardai, reports The Mirror.

Uddin, of Castleway, Adamstown, Lucan, Co Dublin, pleaded guilty in the Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to one count of sexual assault on 30 January 2016 and two counts of sexual assault on 16 February 2016.

During the trial, the court heard that the first woman, a 19-year-old German citizen, kept pushing away Uddin’s hand as he massaged her knee and leg as he drove. He told her that she had “a beautiful heart”, reports The Mirror.

He also touched her chest area and rubbed her cheek, telling her that she was “the most beautiful girl of the night”, reports The Mirror.

The second victim, a 20-year-old woman, said Uddin ran her hand along the side of her body and leaned in as if to kiss her.

The third woman, an 18-year-old student, got into Uddin’s taxi an hour later. He immediately started massaging her leg and telling her how soft her skin was.

She pushed him away when he tried to slip his hand into her underwear.

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