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Thousands of immigrants have become full Irish citizens

Approximately 5,400 individuals will get Irish citizenship during six ceremonies this week in Dublin, reports Breaking News.

Applicants from 143 countries who reside in 30 counties on the island of Ireland will be granted Irish citizenship at the ceremonies on Thursday and Friday.

Following 4,800 attendees at ceremonies in Killarney last week, a total of 10,000 persons will be granted Irish citizenship this month, reports Breaking News.

The Taoiseach’s first citizenship ceremony was attended by Simon Harris, who described them as “magnificent celebrations of all that it is to be Irish.”

“The richness of our nation isn’t measured in wealth,” Mr. Harris remarked during a speech at the Convention Centre in Dublin. People are used as a unit of measurement. We are a part of them, and they are a part of us. I am very grateful to those who have made Ireland their home. They contribute to the rich fabric of our nation and make exceptional contributions in a range of areas – from health and home care, to culture and construction, to transport and tourism,” reports Breaking News.

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