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Today’s the day – The government will announce what NHPET will allow them from April 5th

By end of play today, we should have a good idea as to just what Irish people will and will not be allowed to do from April 5th.

NPHET are meeting the government to tell them what they’re allowed to do from next month. It’s likely that very little easing will actually happen and that we’re facing another 6 weeks of lockdown.

NPHET, the National Public Health Emergency Team met on Monday morning to discuss just what they will and will not allow the government to do from April 5th.

It’s understood that NPHET are not going to recommend any dramatic easing of restrictions due to case numbers being in and around 500 to 600 new confirmed cases on a daily basis.

The main problem is said to be the new variant the B117 because it’s allegedly much more transmissible.

Level 5 has been in place for three months with restrictions in place until at least April 5th.

A governmental meeting took place yesterday along with a NPHET meeting at 9am that will see whether or not NPHET will tell the government what they’re allowed to do.

Along with that, it’s understood that the 5km rule may be extended to 15km but no inter-county travel is likely.

Construction remains very much on the brink as the government say their priority is now secondary school students returning rather than construction workers going back to work.

Tennis, Golf and possibly two households being allowed to meet outdoors is also on the agenda.

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