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Toy Show fever: RTE officially opens application process for Toy Show tickets

Image Source: RTÉ

The winter feeling is certainly amongst us and October is almost out and with that Christmas time enters our thoughts.

But before we think about the festive season there is still one very big event that everyone gets excited about and that event is of course the Late Late Toy Show.

In what is surely one of RTÉ’s biggest events if the year, the Toy Show excites every child and adult alike as the must have toys of the years are showcased to millions across the country.

Although watching the event at home in the front room is more than enough for most of us, we can’t help but think what it would be like to be in the studio audience to experience the event live in person.

Well if you want to attend this year’s event on Friday November 30th you are in with a shot as RTÉ have opened its online application for the much coveted tickets.

The application process which saw over 140,000 people clamour for tickets last year, has been officially launched and for those looking to be in with chance of obtaining a ticket can apply here.

RTÉ say those wishing to obtain a ticket can apply by filling out a form on their website (link above) which will be then entered into a random selection raffle.

The National broadcaster say all those wishing to apply for Toy Show tickets must complete the form as it is a completely separate selection process than the normal Late Late Show process.

They also say that they do not operate a waiting list for Toy Show tickets and those who entered in previous years must apply again by filling out the above mentioned form.

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