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Tragic: Little girl found dead in Gaza days after plea for ceasefire

Image source: RTE

After being caught by Israeli military fire, a six-year-old Palestinian girl asked for aid from Gaza rescuers. Her family members and the two ambulance personnel who went to save her have also been found dead, reports RTE.

The six-year-old Hind Rajab had spent hours on the phone pleading for help from dispatchers while the sound of gunfire reverberated around her. The Palestine Red Crescent Society accused Israel of purposefully targeting the ambulance it dispatched to save her.

The Red Crescent released a statement in which it claimed that “the occupation deliberately targeted the Red Crescent crew despite prior coordination to allow the ambulance to arrive at the site to rescue Hind,” reports RTE.

When Reuters asked Israel’s military for a response on the Red Crescent statement, they did not get back right away.

A picture of the nearly entirely burned-out ambulance was provided by the Palestine Red Crescent Society.

The ambulance seemed to be parked just a few feet away from the black, bullet-riddled vehicle that the family was reportedly riding in, according to Al Jazeera’s footage of the incident, reports RTE.

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