"Tralee is just as bad if not worse" - People are saying Tralee's women and children are just as terrified because of intimidation of migrant men

“Tralee is just as bad if not worse” – People are saying Tralee’s women and children are just as terrified because of intimidation of migrant men

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After what we reported about local people’s concerns in Killarney, people in the neighbouring county-town of Tralee say that what’s happening there is as bad, if not worse.

Social media users in Kerry are saying that women and children are not eager to be on their own, especially when out walking in the evening of night time, claiming that migrant men are loitering around the town in packs and are very intimidating.

Meanwhile, what’s happening in Killarney, Co Kerry is quite frankly outrageous.

A local contacted The Liberal citing that we’re amongst the only media outlet in the country portraying the true extent as to what’s going on in certain areas of country where large numbers of migrants have been placed.

There’s certainly decent people who’ve come to our shores, no doubt about it, but how do we know what these people’s criminal records are? Could there be people freely roaming the streets who have criminal records the length of your arm in their country of origin? Is it worth the risk?

According to one Kerry lady, the beautiful tourist town of Killarney has become a no-go-zone at night and even during the day for many women and children afraid to walk the streets over the imitation they fear from the amount of migrants loitering around the streets.

“You can’t walk the main streets of the town in the evening or even during the day without men staring, talking amongst themselves, jeering and just general intimidation by walking in groups of men”.

“We’re not asking for much, we just want to remain safe in our town and feel safe when we’re out late on the streets. We want more gardai on the street and anyone else who is placed here gets fully vetted so we know they don’t have criminal backgrounds”.

“It’s not much to ask. Tourism in the town will be decimated this summer if foreign people coming here for their holiday don’t feel safe when they’re here on vacation.”

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