UEFA bans gay-pride colours on Munich stadium based on their neutral "political and religious" regulations

UEFA bans gay-pride colours on Munich stadium based on their neutral “political and religious” regulations

According to an official UEFA statement published on Sky Sports, UEFA outlined the reason for not allowing the Mayor of Munich to display the Gay-Pride colours on the city’s stadium before, during and after the EURO2020 Group F match between Germany and Hungary.

The football association said;
UEFA, through its statutes, is a politically and religiously neutral organisation. Given the political context of this specific request – UEFA must decline this request.

Hungary recently passed a law outlawing the promotion of homosexuality to children under 18 years old in schools. They believe it is the exclusive right of the parent to educate their children regarding sexual orientation.

The Irish government condemn the legislation by Hungary calling it “a very very dangerous moment” as reported on RTE news.

The Hungarian government see the Gay-pride flag as a political symbol of the liberal left, an ideology they oppose.

It has long been said in conservative, traditional circles that the Gay-pride flag is now a political symbol of the liberal left and the statement by UEFA leans in this direction also.

Hungary and Poland are outliers within the liberal European Union when it comes to liberal sexualisation of children in schools.

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